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Zazzle to Squidoo Tool

Step 1
Enter the product ID
Step 2
Enter optional features.
Step 3
Layout Options
You suck at Parking
Default Layout

Before you press the Button
Please consider promoting one of my products from J32teez at on your squidoo lens. If promoting one of my products is not an option, you could like (thumbs up) or comment on one my products. Another way to help me out is to Like the J32 Design Facebook page. Thank you!
When you get the code simply copy & paste it into your squidoo text module.

Step 1 – Enter the Product ID

You have to enter at least 1 product ID and can enter up to 4 product ID’s. The product ID can be found in the URL of the product page.

Example: (Product ID marked bold):

Step 2 – Enter Optional Features

Associate ID: Find your associate ID in your Zazzle account in the “Associates” tab.

Tracker ID: A tracker ID can be added to track purchases made via your referral links.
Example: squidoo (will show “squidoo” in your referral history, when purchase is made via your referral link)

Link to Store: If checked it will link to the store instead of the marketplace.

Step 3 – Layout Options

You suck at Parking

The default layout is a linked image as shown on the left. Check the boxes to add the title, border and buy button. If you would like a different border color make sure “Border” is checked and the border color is entered in the correct hex code format (#000000)

Get Code Press the “Get Code”. Copy & paste the code into your Squidoo text module.



  1. Please give a warm “thank you” from me to whomever posted in your group.

  2. THANKYOU for this! I’ve been needing to put individual products on my Squidoo page since I created it(since I am showcasing only a certain grouping of my products), and this was a simple and fast way to do it! Made my day!!!

  3. Thank you for this tool , Great !! 10*****

  4. I don’t understand the tracker id thing.  Is it a number you get from somewhere or one that you make up.  thank you for your answer in advance.

    • The tracker ID is something you make up. It doesn’t have to be a number. It can be something like “myblog” or “mysquidoolens” or “myfacebook”. If you make a referral sale, the tracker id will appear in your referral sales report and you’ll know where the customer was coming from.

      Zazzle mentioned to expand the linkover history to show where people are coming from even if they don’t buy anything. However this feature doesn’t exist yet.

  5. Elizabethscreativepursuits July 10, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Thanks so much for creating this tool, j32design.

    I”ve bee working on aligning the image created by the code with the text describing the product. After reading a few tutorials that were only partly applicable, I figured out how to do it.

    First, past in the code from your choice of the boxes above into the module.

    Next, follow the code with your text.

    In the first section of code, which reads b style=”text-align:center;width:190px;float:left;margin:0 4px 30px 0;font-size:10px;”, if you want the image to appear on the right side of the page, change “float:left” to “float:right” making sure that the semi-colons remain before and after the code. 

    Skip over the line of code that begins “a href=” to next line of code that begins “img src=”. At the end of that line of code, after the URL of the product image, look for the section of the code that reads style=”margin:5px 0;”. After the semi-colon following the ), but before the ending quotation mark, insert “float:right” or “float:left” depending on whether you wan the image created by the code to be to the right or left of the descriptive text.

    You can align the vertical spacing of the descriptive text in relation to the image created by the code by entering lines between the code you’ve pasted into the module and the descriptive text.

    Each line of code will be surrounded by angle brackets, . I have omitted them whereI have quoted the code because in some forums that allow HTML or forum code, quoting the code with the brackets doesn’t display the code but instead causes the forum to apply whatever commands appear in the code. That’s not entirely helpful when what you are trying to do is to explain to someone what code to use to accomplish what they want to do.

    Incidentally, I am by no means an HTML expert of any kind, so you won’t see me posting much advice on customizing stores on the Zazzle forums, for example. If I figure something out, though, I will gladly post to help others.

    Elizabeth Ann Roy

    Elizabeth’s Creative Pursuits

    • Thank you for your comment. I think it will be very helpful for others that want to align the images differently. The original codes are made to assure a grid when you insert more than one product code into your squidoo text modules.

      You have mentioned that html code is not being displayed in some forums. Most forums have a function to insert code to be displayed correctly. It’s like the insert quote function, just for code like html, css, php, perl, and so on. I hope that will help you to help others in the future.

      • Elizabethscreativepursuits July 12, 2011 at 11:48 pm

        Hi, Jarod,

        You are very welcome.

        The grid layout is handy. I used it in the lens I’m currently working on to display a mens’ and wome’s’ baseball cap. In other modules, though, I wanted to feature particular products. Being able to place the product and the text side by side shortens the whole lens and, I think, makes it more inviting to scroll through. Of course, I have included an index in the introductory module.

        I mainly belong to writer’s forums, and I don’t mean HTML, CSS, or program writer’s forums. ;) I can only think of one of them had an insert code function, but it did come in very handy. Writer’s do sometimes get into discussions about designing their own web sites. It could be that the moderator’s of the other forums didn’t expect discussions of HTML or forum code, so they never activated that function.

        Elizabeth Ann Roy

        Elizabeth’s Creative Pursuits 

  6. Thanks for letting us know.  And I just want to say a massive thanks for creating this brilliant tool. I’ve featured it on my popular zazzle lense so a double THANK YOU! :)


  7. I am very new to Zazzle and have a quick question. If someone’s clicks on a zazzle product with my associate ID but ends up browsing on Zazzle website and purchasing something else, do I still get a credit for that purchase? And what happens if they come back to make a purchase later, how long my associate ID tracks the purchase? Thank you so much!

    • When someone clicks on your link, which includes your associate ID, then a cookie is placed on the persons system (only if he allows cookies in his browser).

      You should get 15% of what he purchases. Whether it is the product he came to via your link or something else in the Zazzle marketplace does not matter.

      The cookie is surpose to be valid for 45 days. If the customer purchases something in that time frame you should get a referral.

      However, the cookie can be overwritten by someone elses with another associate ID, when the person clicks on someone elses referral link. Always the last cookie placed counts.

      You can find some information here as well

  8. Hi Jarod,

    Brillaint tool. Just one thing. I have tried to place three passages of code into my text module to display three products next to each other on the same line. When I do, they are staggered, each new one to the right being a few lines lower than the last. Is there anything that can be done about this?



  9. This is great! Can’t wait to try it!

  10. thank you so much! will look through your stuff and see if I can promote some on my lenses:)

  11. Thank you for this great Tool

  12. this tool is marvelous, i love this tools..:)

  13. It looks like I am supposed to enter several product IDs, but I only see a space to enter one, and then it just repeats the code for the one product numerous times. I think I am missing something.

    •  You enter everything for one product at a time. First step enter your product ID, then your associate ID. Part 3 with the tracking ID and the link to store option are optional.

      When you press “get code” you will get the product previews and the code for each preview underneath. You can choose which of these you would like to have, as all previews are somehow different.

      The first line of 3 previews all have a border around the image. But only one of them includes the title of the product, 2 of them have a buy button and one of them has no title and not button. The second line of previews is the same as the first just without the border around the image.

      I hope I could help you a bit, so that you can make use of the tool. If you have any more questions let me know.

      •  Thanks a million. I see the difference now. Not sure why I didn’t see it before, but guess I had it in my head that I was supposed to enter several products at a time. It’s working very well. Thanks!

  14. This is a great tool my friend. Great job! As soon as I come up with a lens to showcase the works of my fellow Zazzlers, your stuff will be top of the list.

  15. How did you create this i want to develop my own squidoo software. Im guessing whatever the person inputs get plugged into some code you have already written.

  16. Nice updates.

  17. You are a genius. Thanks so much.

  18. I have featured this on my WordPress blog (which appears on all of my lenses), my twitter feed (also on all of my lenses) and made a comment with a link to your brilliant tool on the HQ news article about them retiring the Zazzle widget. Thank the Lord on high I found your tool! Cheers~cb

  19. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for this Jarod. I’ll be using this in the future for sure. You rock!

  20. This is amazing and wonderful. Thanks, Jarod!

  21. Thank you for this tool. I added one item to my text block with a thanks to you for the tool. I’ll work on a link text box and include your tool in the links as well.

  22. Thank you so much for this awesome Zazzle tool! I just KNEW there had to be a better and more professional looking way to feature Zazzle items in our Squidoo articles. :)

  23. I was NOT happy when Zazzle went away and I was very happy to find your page. Now I’m not happy again! I can NOT get any code from this page, been trying for about 3 weeks and all I ever get is this ~ Error: Products temporarily unavailable. Why does this happen?? My products are available, am I doing something wrong?

    • I had a go at the tool and it works just fine. This probably means you are doing something wrong. The message you are seeing usually pops up when the Zazzle feeds are down or when you enter something that does not exist.

      Therefore it works fine on my end the feeds are up and working.

      Please make sure that you enter only the product id, not the whole url. Just the number at the end. Make sure you do not accidentally copy and paste any spaces before or after the id.

      • OMGosh! Thank you sooo much Jarod!! That’s exactly what I was doing, adding the url to the product page. I’m going to have a LOT of work to do today. When I get this working right, you can bet your bottom, you will be linked. A lot of people are upset with this Zazzle stuff, I don’t know why they just couldn’t fix it. They fix bugs and codes with Amazon all the time!

      • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! It’s working great! What link of yours do you want posted?

  24. Thanks for this tool. It is a great help. I went on your site and commented on your Ron Paul shirts. If you do anything this election related, please let me know. I will be happy to promote your stuff.

  25. Doug (The Vintage Vamp) August 26, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Hello Jarod, Awesome tool, I just found out about the Zazzle Modules at Squidoo. You are a life saver. This works great!! I am off to like a bunch of your products.

  26. Thank you! Liked your grimreaper t-shirt. I wish I had somewhere to offer it.

  27. Thank you so much! I liked your ‘the more I like dogs’ t-shirt. :)

  28. Love this, thank you so much for sharing!!!

  29. Please check out my latest burst! Oh and thank you for such a great tool.

  30. Hello again, Jarod,

    I just wanted to say that I really like being able to put in three or four product IDs at a time. That is a great addition to your tool. Feel free to contact me again on Facebook. Since I’ve logged in to Disqus through my Facebook account, you should be able to find me this time. I know there are several people with the same name on Facebook, so I have no idea which one you might have messaged before.

  31. The first time I used this updated version of the tool, the products didn’t line up. I compared the code from the old version to the new and saw that the width in pixels in the code for the old version was 190. So, I changed the width in the new version to 190, and now all the products line up like they did before. If I’m only posting a single product image beside text, though, I leave the width as it is.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      sorry for the late reply, I have been traveling and did not check on my mails. I just checked the code of the tool and added it to one of my lenses and I did not see any problems with the line up. It seems to work as it should in Firefox and Chrome.

      • OK, Jarod, I don’t know what happened, then. The three products I put up were side by side but descending like stair steps. I don’t think I left spaces between them, but I must have done something.

  32. Been trying to use your tool but it keeps saying “Products temporarily unavailable”. Have I done something wrong?

  33. Thanks for your hard work. Love this tool!

  34. Right now it seems like Drupal is the best blogging platform out there right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  35. I was going to pin this page but the app could not find an image to attach to. Just FYI. Cheers~cb

  36. Does this only work on Squidoo, or will it also work on Weebly or in WordPress? It looks like a great tool, and I’m eager to try it. It seems it would work in any text box or module.

    • Technically it should work. However the only way you will find out is to try it yourself. I created the tool years ago for Squidoo, but if I remember correctly some people used it for other sites as well. Good luck!


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