15 Trendy and Chic Business Cards that will get your Customers Attention

Let me say straight up that using trendy and chic designs for your business identity, is not going to work for every single business out there. Trendy and chic business cards will work great for businesses, which have to be up to date with current trends, such as hair stylists, event planners, designers, makeup artists and so on. To give you an example, floral designs are very popular right now and business cards with a floral theme would be the obvious choice for a florist to represent their business. A floral business card would however work perfect for a wedding planner or event planner as well, because flowers are often a big part of the event.

Other current trends are black and white cards with gold foil or faux gold design elements and everything that has some form of glitter and sparkle to it. Those are preferred by hair stylists, makeup artists, beauticians, nail artists and in some cases makers of crafts. Then of course we have business cards incorporating geometric shapes into the design. This is one of the most popular design trends in 2016.

Some designers have managed to incorporate many trends into their designs, such as a black and white stripes design, with floral and gold design elements. Those are not just chic and stylish, but can be also very effective as a marketing tool, because they offer the wow factor that you want when you hand out your business cards to potential clients and business partners.

The following business cards are excellent examples of trendy and chic business cards using the above named trends. The best thing about them is that they are all online templates, ready to be personalized by you. So what are you waiting for? Get your trendy and chic business cards all sorted out today.

Abstract Black Brushstrokes for Makeup Artist Business Card by 1201AM Design Studio

Black and White Stripes with Faux Gold Event Planner Business Card by J32 Design

Painted Floral Hair Stylist Appointment Cards by Pip.Pip.Hooray

Modern Faux Gold Foil Geometric Shapes Business Card by J32 Design

Faux Gold Foil Confetti Business Card by Miss Tallulah Paperie

Elegant Floral Flower Wedding Event Planner Business Card by J32 Design

Watercolor Business Card by Origami Prints

Modern Chic Striped FAUX Gold Foil Business Card by Maura Reed

Elegant Faux Gold Confetti Dots on White Business Card by 1201AM Design Studio

Classic Gold Glitter Makeup Artist Business Card by 1201AM Design Studio

Modern Makeup Artist Business Cards by J32 Design

Makeup Artist Beauty Salon Gold Vintage Floral Business Card by CardHunter

Elegant Vintage Floral with Dot Pattern Faux Gold Business Card by J32 Design

Faux Gold Modern Geometric on Black Business Card by Violet and Pine

Floral Event Planner Business Card by J32 Design

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  1. Ej Pickup-Shiflet

    Hands down, the most tasteful business cards I’ve seen in a very long time.
    Excellent, nice job.


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