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Free Vector Kitchen Knife

Posted on September 12, 2011 by J32 Design in Download Freebies

Vector Kitchen Knife by J32 Design

A graphic of a regular kitchen knife, as you can probably find it in any household. Enjoy!

You are allowed to

  • use this image for personal and commercial projects
  • use this image in template files and on print on demand sites like Zazzle

You NOT are allowed to

  • sell the image file in any way
  • offer the image file for download anywhere. If you want to offer this file on your website or blog please link to this post.


Attribution must be given at all times to or this post.

Vector File in Adobe Illustrator format 1.63MB
Photoshop File, layered in PSD format 10.9MB
PNG File transparent 300dpi, 405KB



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing the image, Im using it on a comp for a cooking competition, let me know if you want to see what it turns out to look like


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