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As a musician, professional songwriter, music teacher, composer or agent you meet a lot of people at events, concerts or by simply doing what you are doing. Having elegantly designed business cards to make an impact besides the music, can be the difference of getting a gig, an audition, a new client or student. A well designed business card shows that you know how to market yourself, because in the music business, marketing yourself and your music is everything. A great music business card would definitely get more attention than a simple white one. Nobody will have any problem to remember you as the owner of the business card.

Music business cards are also an important marketing tool for those of you who give music lessons. Music teachers, who give private lessons could bring more business their way, by handing out business cards in schools and colleges. Making sure that the business card reflects what the lessons are about in design and text will help a person to decide whether they give you a try as music teacher or not. It is pretty much the same concept as looking at a restaurants flyer. The better the food looks, the more people want to visit the restaurant and what they have see on the delicious looking flyer.

If you are a songwriter or composer it might be not a good idea to have a saxophone or a violin on your music business card. It would fail to show what it is that you do and confuse people. A design with music notes or sheet music would be a better presentation of your line of work. Your business card design can be the best the music industry has ever seen, but if it doesn't fit your area of expertise, it will not have the effect it should have.

I found so many fantastic music business cards to feature in this article, that I decided to post a few more than I usually wanted. It was very hard to choose from all these great designs and I think it would be a shame not to show them to you. Well, after all I am sure it is only to your benefit. More music business cards for you to choose from.

Last but not least, all the business cards in this article can be customized with a different font-style, font-color and text placement. If you still don't feel satisfied, after all the awesome music business cards I have showed you or you simply want to see some more, check out the link below.

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