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Welcome to the J32 Design Business Cards Portfolio!

Whether you like your business cards simple and plain or vibrant and creative, here at J32 Design you will find what you are looking for. Make sure you follow J32 Design on social media for more great designs and special offers.

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Recent Work

  • Cleaning Service Business Cards

    Cleaning Service Business Cards

    Simple modern effective business cards template. Customize them here!!!

  • Social Media QR-Code Business Cards

    Social Media QR-Code Business Cards

    Creative Social Media QR-Code Business Cards Buy the cards here!!!

  • Colorful Corporate Business Cards

    Colorful Corporate Business Cards

    Very well structured design. Ideal to get the attention of potential customers and business partners. Get it here!!!

  • Modern Elegant Rounded Corners Business Card

    Modern Elegant Rounded Corners Business Card

    An elegant two sided business cards design, with a monogram/initials. Color can be customized. Get it here!!!

  • Photography Business Cards

    Photography Business Cards

    Design created for photographers. One of the letters "O" in Photography is replaced by a lens image. Show me the product page!!!

  • Vintage Style America

    Vintage Style America

    Creative Stars and Stripes design. Ideal for patriots and USA fans. Purchase your cards here!!!

  • Landscaping Service Business Cards

    Landscaping Service Business Cards

    Double sided. For landscapers, gardeners and similar services. Personalize this template!!!

  • Modern Corporate Black Business Cards

    Modern Corporate Black Business Cards

    Modern horizontal template. Diagonal blue and white areas to highlight details. Show me the product page!!!

  • Construction Business Cards

    Construction Business Cards

    Creative business cards design for construction and building companies. Add your details here!!!

  • Personal Tutor Pencil Business Card

    Personal Tutor Pencil Business Card

    A one sided business cards template for personal tutors. Get it here!!!

  • Elegant Corporate QR-Code Business Card

    Elegant Corporate QR-Code Business Card

    An elegant and professional corporate business card template, which includes a QR-Code. Get here!!!

  • Black Business Card with Diamond Tile Pattern

    Black Business Card with Diamond Tile Pattern

    A professional two sided business card design with a diamond tile pattern background. Get it here!!!

  • Black Suit with Red Tie

    Black Suit with Red Tie

    A creative design suitable for many industries and businesses. Fashion, Law and Consulting to name only a few. I want this business card!

  • Basic Business Cards Templates

    Basic Business Cards Templates

    Simple plain templates in black and white. Use as is or to create your own unique design. Click here to get started!!!

  • Modern Black Rounded Corner Business Cards

    Modern Black Rounded Corner Business Cards

    Simple Black business card with rounded corners. Customize it here!!!

  • Tiled Photograph Business Cards

    Tiled Photograph Business Cards

    Business card with a customizable tiled photograph. Individualize the card here!!!

  • Simple Modern Business Cards

    Simple Modern Business Cards

    A simple but modern business cards design Make it your own here!!!

  • Beer Bar and Pub Design

    Beer Bar and Pub Design

    Business card for bars and pubs. Customize the card here!!!

  • Bass Player Business Cards

    Bass Player Business Cards

    Business cards template for bass players and musicians. Get the card here!!!

  • Coffee Shop Template

    Coffee Shop Template

    A design created for coffee shops. Go customize it!

  • Creative Painters Business Cards

    Creative Painters Business Cards

    Colorful and creative business card design for painters. Buy the cards here!!!

  • Computer IT Business Cards

    Computer IT Business Cards

    A business card template with a professional clean look for the IT and computer industry. Go to the Product page!!!

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About J32 Design Business Cards

Q: What company does the printing for J32 Design?
A: All our creative business cards are printed by the print on demand service Zazzle.

Q: What is the size of the Business Cards?
A: All our business cards are designed in the standard 3 x 2.5" format.

Q: How can I customize my cards?
A: Once you have followed the link to the product page, you will find a blue "customize it" button below the product image. When clicked the Zazzle design tool will open. Inside the tool you are able to upload images to the design, add and remove text, change the font style, color and size, edit the background color etc.

Q: What kind of paper stock are the cards coming with.
A: Zazzle offers more than 10 different card stocks. They range from a standard white 110 lb card stock to an ultra thick premium paper stock and can be chosen on the product page (right hand side of the page).

Q: Is there a price difference for double sided printing?
A: No! The price for the card does not change for double sided printing.

Q: Is it possible to purchase any of the business cards with rounded corners?
A: Yes! You will find an option on the product page to choose standard or rounded corners for your business cards.

Q: Does J32 Design offer an individual design service?
A: We do not offer individual design services at this time.

Q: I have trouble with the Zazzle design tool while trying to customize one of your business cards. Can I contact you for help?
A: Feel free to contact me at any time. Please be aware that it might take me some time before I can get back to you.

Q: I would like to purchase your business cards as a template in an image format and print it myself or with a 3rd party printing service. Is this possible?
A: All our business card designs are available via print on demand service Zazzle only at this time. Our creative designs are not available for purchase in any image format.